Lukas' Story

Hey, my name is Lukas.

I am a student at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. The past months I have struggled with stress and anxiety over knowing where God is calling me. I know He has called me to New Orleans and seminary, but other than that, I am not sure. For a while, I was ok with that, but pressure has started to build up with my parents and others around me pushing me to know what I am going to do. 

So, I began to pray about it. 

Trying to seek the Lord and what He wants for my future, I prayed that He would show me where I could best be used in His kingdom, and then provide ways for me to do that! But, I got no answer. I was expecting God to give me something, and it felt like He was silent. So, the stress began to pile on again. 

In my life, I have always grown up with pretty advanced technology. I can send a text to someone and have an answer in seconds, or I can find almost any bit of information online with a couple of pushes of my thumb. I think I was expecting God to answer me like that. To respond back with exactly what I wanted to hear, when I wanted to hear it. 

Because I expected this, I began to really lose myself when a few more months went by with no answers. Normally I do not stress easily, but this was a weight on my shoulders, and it became all I could think about. 

One night I was literally asking Him how much longer I needed to pray before He would answer me, and I had a thought, “Maybe God doesn’t work like I do. I have been looking for an immediate answer, but maybe 
God doesn’t work that way.” 
I believe that the Holy Spirit led me to that thought, so that I could see more of the Glory of God, and understand that my timing and my parents’ timing are not His timing. 

This is good news! 
If my future is up to me I have no hope, but because of the grace of Jesus Christ on the cross, now my future is secure even when I don’t know what’s coming. I am learning daily how to better trust that I am a part of a story that is way bigger than me, and I can rest in that truth! 

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