Heroes of New Orleans

Heroes of New Orleans

My name is Greg Ravy. I was born and raised in the Fischer Development Project in Algiers.

Growing up, a lot of my friends at Fischer fell  and became addicted to drugs, to a life of crime and violence, became incarcerated, or died. I felt like success in life was measured through just survival and getting out. I lost my father at a very young age and grew up in a single parent home along with my two sisters. Due to the obligations to provide for us, my mother was absent from the home a great bit. So even though I am the middle child, I was often left to navigate manhood through the exposure and experiences in the “projects” which pierced the innocence of my perception of the world. 

But due to the support of my mother and mentors that came around me, I was able to do things most people around me couldn’t. One milestone achievement for me, was graduating high school. Making it out of the projects became a notch on the belt of my life. After graduating high school I went on to complete my  bachelors degree in Sports Management with a minor in business management at Olivet College in Olivet, Michigan. 

From my experience, I returned to NOLA with a heart to work with kids who are experiencing things like I experienced. I wanted to help kids who have been left behind, to encourage them that they matter, and to give them practical tools to help them as they navigate life in NOLA. This led me to start Heroes of New Orleans.

HONO offers practical programs for kids from low income neighborhoods. We work with kids in all kinds of ways. 

For example, we have programs to help kids prepare for jobs. One of the largest deficits in low income neighborhoods is the lack of knowledge on career paths that are available. This void in information and lack of exposure deprives kids of a guide to alternate courses in job and education choices. In these neighborhoods, careers are often sports driven, and business ownership and entrepreneurship conversations are rarely present. 

We want Heroes of New Orleans to be a safe place. To be a place where kids and families can come and get the resources that are needed, as well as a community center which provides a safe nonjudgmental environment. 

We are so excited to be able to provide this service through our partnership with Berean Bible Church, and we are excited to be working together in the year ahead. 


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