Hope 4 Burundi

Hope 4 Burundi

John  & Diane Crews

Life in Burundi, Central Africa, is harsh.

Between political strife, deep-seated poverty as the poorest country in the world, suffering physically as the most malnourished nation in the world, everyone suffers. To be a young person means little hope for your future; few can afford even a primary education; fewer still go to high school. There aren’t many high schools, requiring most students to live at the schools, which is not the glamorous boarding school image we may have, but simply a spot to sleep on.

Yet we know that the future of Burundi lies in the hands of these young people and why one of the strategic outreaches of the Hope4Burundi ministry is to share Jesus not only with the most needy adults, but also with the youth. With the opening of a second ministry center in the rural mountain area of Matana, God opened the doors to several high schools in the region where we have been able to share the Good News of Jesus, discipleship, and Bibles.
On a recent trip to Burundi, we had the joy of meeting with about 900 students at Lycee High School where ministry leaders have been meeting with students this past year.  Many have come to the Lord!  

In this meeting, Peace shared her own personal testimony of how God has sustained her through three genocides, living as a refugee, and suffering many injustices. And yet, as she told them about God’s goodness and mercy in her life, how He led her to come back to Burundi to minister to her people, especially those who have suffered deep wounds and trauma, you could see many identified with her journey.  

When she invited anyone who did not know Jesus to trust in Him, I estimate 500 did so! 

There was such a palpable presence of the Holy Spirit in that room that enveloped us all as we saw hundreds of youth begin their journey with Jesus. We had 700 Bibles to share that day, and as they received them one by one with tears and joy, we were reminded of the miraculous work of God to redeem His children, that His Word is treasure and truth, and He is restoring thousands of lives through His ministry in Burundi. What a JOY to be a part of that great work!!  
We and they are so very grateful for your continuous, faithful prayers and support for this important ministry. Please continue to pray for Burundi especially this election year. How we are praying for just leadership and God’s continued healing of this often forgotten country, that as one ministry leader shared, “We believe God is going to do a miraculous work in Burundi that will be a light to all of Africa!”  Amen!  May it be so!

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