Karoline's Story

My name is Karoline.

My husband is the Director of Missional Life here at Berean, and we have been here for almost 9 years. During our time in New Orleans, and at Berean, we have seen God’s faithfulness in so many ways, even when we are unfaithful.  We have fallen short so many times, but God continues to lift us up and help us continue!

Throughout most of my life, I have hated conflict. I am a very laid-back person, so I mostly just want everyone to get along all the time. I know that conflict is a regular part of everyday life, but I still hate it. Because of this, I think I fight pretty hard to accommodate most people. I will work very hard to make sure that the people around me feel comfortable and heard. 

I think these desires in and of themselves are not bad things, but the way I go about it often times is, which leaves  me feeling like I am not enough.

When I am feeling this way, it’s hard for me to remember the promises of God. He tells me that I am loved, important, cared for, and forgiven, but I convince myself that my presence doesn’t matter. Especially when I am surrounded by conflict and people who are disappointed.

Over this past year, we have been surrounded by this. We have had so many different situations around us, pulling us in so many directions, and it is easy for me to hide away and just try to forget the world. Then I remember or am reminded by others around me that Christ is enough. It is something I have known since I was a child, but is so easy to forget. He is enough for me, and He is enough for the people around me. This gives me rest. 

I don’t need to protect my friends and family from conflict or disappointment, because Christ is enough. He has provided a way that I could never provide, and He has made a way that I never even knew was there. Instead of fighting to be a savior to the people
around me, I can rest in the fact that Christ is enough. 

I know that I am going to continue to struggle with this, but when I am reminded of this truth, I can walk in freedom from shame and guilt, and stand confidently in the things that God has said are true about me. 

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