Seth's Story

Being a part of God’s larger narrative often requires abrupt detours in the lives of
His people.

We don’t usually understand it at all, and we don’t necessarily need to,
although that aspect might prove to be the most painful part. But ultimately if it’s
God’s story to tell, and His glory to be shown, does it really matter if we ever see the
full “why”? This is the story my family has been walking out of and how we found

My wife Kathryn, son Arlo and I arrived at Berean less than a year ago. For the last
four years we’ve lived, worked and been in ministry on the North Shore. Our hope
and plan for the last 5 years has been to plant a church in the urban setting of New
Orleans and that calling and direction has taken us down a road unlike any other.
We’ve seen obstacles of every shape and size come and fall by the promises and
work of God. Weather finances, people, sin, doubt, rejection, or isolation, He has
proved over and over to be The Faithful One His Word proclaims Him to be.
Berean has been nothing short of God’s Faithfulness to us.

Emerging from a season of pain unlike any our family has ever faced, and amidst
doubt and confusion, loss and almost ruin, God granted us a place to hear His Word
and drink from the well of living water once again. He afforded us friends who
didn’t know us, and clear evidence of the Holy Spirit’s work among the people.
Although we are still new, our story has merged with Berean’s, and even though we
never saw it, planned it or prepared for it, God did it for His Glory and our good.